Privacy Policy

We at keep user's privacy first, keeping all of your personal information in safe hands. Our patent-pending algorithm aims to create a transparent system which will both be accurate and at the same time focus on keeping your data private. Mote is a social platform that promotes the most popular happenings from the many friend groups to the larger school audience. Mote promotes the most popular happenings on the school level to the national audience. Our promotion and content aggregation provides a comprehensive collegiate representation

Why do I need to connect my Facebook profile?

Friend list aggregation - We want to access our user's existing Facebook account and pull their friends information who might be using Mote. We aim to connect those friends who are friends on Facebook to also be connected on Mote so that they are on each other's friend feeds and you don't miss their posts.

When a user registers to use and gives access to their Facebook profile, this enables and triggers the 'Mote Aggregation Functionality' to retrieve this person's friends into a list. This facebook friend list would be use to see if any of the people on this list is in the Mote Database. For the ones that are already in the system, the mote content aggregation functionality would be then triggered to retrieve certain facebook contents. Moreover, the ones that are in the system would become friends and be connected in Mote automatically and they would be able to see the content pull from facebook in Mote.

What exactly am I sharing with Mote?

We'll access your Facebook posts, Photos & Videos that you share along with your friendlist. This will enable use to create a taylor made user experience for every user of Mote. Your information is safe and is not shared with any other third party applications. We thank you for using Mote.

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